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sf2p consulting

your bridge to growth in digital

Our mission is to be a trusted partner to innovative startups and SMEs as well as business units of larger corporations in the Fintech, Mobile and Internet of Things markets for developing business strategies to increase revenues and expand in Europe and North America.

sf2p consulting leverages its unique experience in deploying creative, technology centered solutions in both North America and Europe to create for its customers and their digital applications, an effective and potent business bridge between these two continents through customized Management and Business Development strategies.

Based in Paris, sf2p consulting provides strategic advising, business development and sales services for technology companies that wish to establish presence, gain faster access or develop larger footprint in the European or North American markets.

sf2p consulting was founded and is lead by Arnaud Jullien, an experienced advisor and hands-on specialist in the field of Digital Payment, Digital Identity, eKYC, Root of trust and Biometrics for Fintech, Mobile and IoT markets.


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Arnaud Jullien - Founder - sf2p consulting

Arnaud Jullien

sf2p consulting Founder

Arnaud has become known as inspirational business leader who builds loyalty and inclusiveness while driving innovation and progress on a global scale. Engineer by education, his career has evolved around three main pillars:

  • technology: innovative hardware, software, biometrics and secure element solutions for Payment, Mobile and IoT markets

  • international: successful experiences in North America, Europe and Asia

  • business: B2B sales, subsidiary, product line and business unit management.

He has been a catalyst for the deployment of creative, technology-centered solutions for the payment industry during the past 20 years, and more recently for the mobile and IoT space. His different executive positions in Paris, France and in San Francisco, CA at Gemalto, Morpho (Safran) and Idemia have led him to build a business bridge between both continents. He created and managed an innovation center in the Silicon Valley, a true collaborative environment to foster innovation and engage with a broad range of clients, startups and partners to disrupt and ease customer journey. He has complemented academically this extensive hands-on Silicon Valley experience with studies at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

As the founder of sf2p consulting, he knows what it takes to successfully develop technology businesses in Europe and North America.

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