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Ellipse - EVC® All-In-One


Completing the EMV evolution

Ellipse is an amazing Californian startup that has developed
EVC® (Ellipse Verification Code) and EVC® All-In-One,
the most elegant, frictionless and effective technology
to secure e-commerce transactions and bank card credentials
by modifying the 3- or 4-digit cryptogram of a payment card
at each transaction!

EVC® creates a unique trusted verification loop that prevents fraudulent card-not-present transactions and reduces false declines.

EVC® is a technology that generates a Dynamic Security Code (DSC) during a contact and/or contactless EMV transaction by using dynamic data from this transaction, that displays the DSC on a small screen of a battery-free payment card powered by the payment terminal driving the transaction, and that enables the DSC to be validated by an EMV system during a subsequent card-not-present transaction.

Replacing the static security code of a payment card with EVC® dynamic security codes prevents the use of stolen card data.

Ellipse battery-free technology ensures operation during the entire lifetime of the card and eliminates self-discharge, providing virtually unlimited shelf life. It is a sustainable option that will lower the overall carbon footprint; making it a more eco-friendly choice.

Ellipse electronics are card manufacturer-agnostic. Card manufacturers can build EVC® dynamic security code products in-house and locally with their existing equipment. This technology is fully compatible with hot-lamination process.

EVC® cards are fully compatible with existing POS terminals/ATMs and can be mailed in regular card packaging and envelope.

EVC® is an issuer solution that does not require any change on e-merchant checkout payment forms, nor in acquirers and networks/schemes systems. There is no need for any additional server on the processor side.

EVC® All-In-One: the ultimate e-commerce EMV module

EVC® All-In-One is a drop-in module integrating both EMV and EVC®.
It can be embedded onto standard card body constructions of all contact or dual-interface payment card manufacturers.

EVC® technology provides a powerful, frictionless additional layer of security.


Familiar checkout process helps reduce transaction abandonment.


It simplifies authentication and authorization decision and process for the issuer.


For issuers, costs associated with card replacement due to card data theft are eliminated.

EVC® creates a unique trusted verification loop that increases the certainty that a transaction is legitimate and reduces false declines.

EVC® All-In-One makes it easy to manufacture with no change to existing contact or dual interface card body structures.

Ellipse EVC All-In-One
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® All-In-One
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