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IoT - Smart Home - Smart City - Industry 4.0 - Connected Cars

Must B2B Matchmaking Platform

Come and show your customers and prospects your innovative spirit!

Enroll for a 3D/VR virtual booth at IoT Trends 2020 or upcoming events!

Promote your products through amazing 3D/VR virtual booths,

while benefiting from deep analytics about your booth visitors, click-events,

post-demonstration messaging and chatting functionalities.

Join your industry ecosystem and actively participate in IoT Trends 2020 conferences, forum, workshops, live roundtables and networking events!

Internet of Things, Smart cities, Healthcare, Cyber security, Cloud computing, Industry 4.0, Climate & Sustainability

Startup specials

Tell us about your project, exceptional fee discounts can be granted

for your startup or your new innovative business launch!

Must Awards: ST Microelectronics for most visited booth, Renesas electronics for most innovative product, Nestwave for innovative startup, Truphone for most productive innovation for sustainaibility

Must Virtual Exhibition - upcoming events

Smart Home     December 8, 2020

Industry 4.0      December 15, 2020

Smart City            December 8, 2020

Connected Car   January 26, 2021

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Virtual Guided Tour & Documents Download

Must IoT Trends in 2020 - July 7-9, 2020 - now extended & live

Enjoy a two-minute tour of Must Virtual Exhibition center, guided by Jojo, your exhibition assistant:

It takes no more than 1 hour for your marcom team to create your amazing 3D/VR booth

from your existing videos, presentations, pictures and marketing documents!


Download presentation documents for Must VE exhibitors:

  • Exhibitor's Flyer - Must VE overview

  • Conference program & speakers as of  May 23

  • Gold Booth Description

  • Platinum Booth Description

  • Elite Booth Description

  • Must VE Platform FAQ for Exhibitors

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Must Virtual Exhibitions in 2020

Exhibitions & conferences are now live

Enrollment for a 3D/VR booth:

- Price for a Silver Booth: Free of Charge

- Price for a Gold Booth: EUR 890

- Price for a Platinum Booth: EUR 1,990

- Price for an Elite Booth: depending on requested custom design

- Startup specials upon request

- Please e-mail us  or fill-in the contact form below.

Must brings matchmaking tools and infrastructure support to the different stakeholders of the value chain. Must is powered by AI Algorithms using Deep-learning driven dynamic graph evaluation, enabling reduced transactions cost as well as quick and easy commercial and technical exchanges. One of these tools is a Virtual Exhibition (VE) solution that offers exhibiting companies similar benefits to the usual trade exhibitions, without any substantial investment, while adding powerful tools to Match, Analyze and Network. This VE platform was kicked-off and launched with the organization of the IoT Trends Virtual Exhibition, online since July 7, 2020. Smart Home, Smart City, Industry 4.0 and Connected Car Virtual Exhibitions are next. Must VE can also be used for private or corporate events.

The contemporary style of Must Virtual Exhibition Structure, the Dome design details, the sumptuous chandelier of its VE main hall, the modern style of its conference rooms and Forum will impress your e-guests and leave them with the memory of an exceptional Virtual Event. Through well-organized, interactive and attractive virtual booths, you will be able to reach your targeted audience, visitors and potential customers. Conferences, workshops, live roundtables and private chat rooms will be organized for your industry stakeholders to share their knowledge and latest trends.

Features to experiment on Must Virtual Exhibition:
- Jojo Robot, your exhibition assistant,
- Zoom in (+), Zoom out (-)
- 3D Virtual Tour
- Download documents
- Live chat
- Participate in games
- Get goodies
and many other features that will make your e-visitors enjoy interacting with your Virtual Event.

Business Networking opportunities:
- Scheduled virtual cocktails,
- Live Networking events,
- Live Round table (for selected e-VIP),
- Well-timed opportunities for e-meeting at the Forum, with selected people according to visitors interests.

Innovative, powerful and efficient, Must will help your business to smoothly take-off, fly, and rocket!


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worldwide B2B matchmaking platform

powered by AI

Must is an amazing startup deploying a worldwide B2B matchmaking platform connecting companies to foster partnerships and innovation in the High-Tech ecosystem across the value chain.

  • Networking

  • Matchmaking

  • Virtual Exhibition

  • Analysis tools - AI & DL

  • Targeted ads

Match - Network - Operate - Promote

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